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We are the premiere Weight Loss Clinic in the Northern Colorado area. We specialize  in Medical Weight Loss programs that do not require drugs or surgery. Our team of medical providers come from many different disciplines helping us put together this clinic with the best treatments and programs.Our Goal at Loveland Medical Clinic is to help our patients live a healthier life and age gracefully. We believe every person is different so individualized and custom treatment plans are what we do. Healthy Aging can only be accomplished through healthy living. You might consider the food you eat as medicine. We do not do hormone replacement as that does not coincide with our healthy living philosophy . Together we can work to help you  lose weight, live healthier, and feel better. Loveland Medical Clinic will provide you with the best plan  that will help you accomplish  becoming the New YOU! 

Medical Weight Loss Programs

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  Loveland Medical Clinic is a nurse practitioner supervised program .  Our workup  includes a physical , lab testing, and interviews  that help our medical providers determine the root cause of your weight gain. Once we understand your particular metabolism we create a weight loss program for you. Every person is different  so you need a weight management program individually designed with you in mind.

Fast Weight Loss with drugs

It is a myth that losing a large amount of weight in a short time is bad. Actually this motivates people to keep going on their program.  One thing we will not do is prescribe phentermine to artificially induce weight loss. You can check out one of our many videos on our YouTube Channel that talks about the various weight loss drugs.   Another program we  do not approve of are  HCG injection weight loss programs. This consists of getting HCG injections and then going on a 500 to 600 calorie diet per day. Do you really think that is healthy ? One reason our hormones are so messed up is that the toxins in the environment are hormone disrupters. An example of this is BPA. Another reason is that cholesterol is needed for a lot of hormone creation. What do you think happens to the necessary cholesterol when you take a statin drug. Get off the statins !

Keto and Paleo diets

Our clinic does a modified Paleo which transitions into a cyclical ketogenic diet that uses real food to get you to your goal weight in no time. We also offer vitamin B12 shots and vitamin IV infusions to enhance your bodies natural metabolism. Loveland Medical Clinic has a nutrition program that will maximize your health.

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Low Testosterone


Predictions are that  15 million men have low testosterone and maybe  double that figure are not in the sweet spot. Here is the root of the problem. In the late 1970’s Congress created the first food pyramid and declared that fat and cholesterol were bad. Every  cell in your body relies on those those nutrients. You cannot create hormones(testosterone) without cholesterol. We have changed our diet so much that our hormones are out of wack. We have had great success with nomalizing testosterone with diet alone. As a matter of fact , we normalize diabetes, high blood pressure, and correct cholesterol levels all with diet. As a side effect, YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT.  

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